It is a big deal trying to find a yoga teacher, I get it. It has to be the right fit.

Here is how some current and past students and teachers describe me but ultimately, the best way to get to know me is to come and join a class.

"I met this bright soul at a Yoga Ashram in India. 26 intensive days to share a room and a life experience with her.

Open minded, genuine, compassionate, and level-headed, Kirsty can always be counted on to listen and provide support when needed. Her wonderful sense of humor, adventure, and life experiences have given her the ability to see any situation in a positive sense. Professional and dedicated to Yoga, trying to find the real truth, not giving up along the path. Personally believing that "people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime" I know Kirsty is a lifetime friend. Missing sharing our laugh before bed time"

Marta, Spain, Student in India

"Kirsty has the ability to uplift, inspire and relax the entire class, while connecting with everyone, making them feel comfortable and that they belong. Kirsty has a real presence about her and has boundless energy and a passion to share her knowledge and love of yoga. Kirsty has also given me the knowledge and techniques to push through mental barriers I didn’t know I had. "

Nicky, Australia, Student in Wollongong

"Kirsty came to India for yoga teacher training course in July 2013. I was teaching advance asana class in TTC that time. I saw her hard work and passion for yoga. She was very focused and disciplined for her own growth as a yoga teacher and she has completed TTC. After long time she came back to yoga ashram in Jan.2015 as assistance yoga teacher this time I saw her differently as yoga teacher she helped us for classes during TTC and she has giving workshops to ttc students about yoga anatomy. It was really appreciated by students. She is kind hearted and helpful person. I am wishing you very happy and long life yoga journey.

Be happy Make happy."

Yogi Madhav, India, Teacher in India

"I truly enjoyed training with Kirsty at Arhanta Ashram in India. She is an amazingly supportive teacher both at the ashram and since I got home. I love her out look on life, she not only teaches yoga but lives it.... If your considering training with Kirsty stop thinking just do! You won't be disappointed."

Laura, Ireland, Student in India

Kirsty completed her 200 hr YTTC at Kranti Yoga in December 2014.  She was a pleasure to have on the course and was an exemplary student at all times.  During her time with us, she practiced with an attitude of devotion in all areas of yoga and she developed her Ashtanga Yoga practice both on a spiritual and physical level.  Always keen to help her peers, Kirsty's enthusiasm for yoga was apparent and as a team we enjoyed her willingness to share her expertise in other areas beyond the realms of Ashtanga Yoga.  A self confessed anatomy nerd, she was always ready with relevant anatomical questions that indeed opened up channels for interesting discussions.  Kirsty was always ready to help and support her peers, a natural yoga teacher. Namaste.

Julia, UK, Teacher in India