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Is love really all we need?

Is love really all we need, like the old saying claims?

When I first thought about this, I thought, no way, we also need respect, compassion, honesty, kindness, strength, humility, the list goes on. But don't all of these qualities stem from love? We respect and have compassion for others (and ourselves) because we love them. We are honest and kind to people (and ourselves) because we love them. We are strong because the love of others (and of ourselves) lifts us up and helps us to believe that anything is possible. We are humble because we love all people equally and understand that we are no better than anyone else.

If we could always come from a place of love, imagine how beautiful the world would be? I don't just mean that intimate type of love we have in relationships, but that universal love that is all inclusive of all beings, including yourself.

I read something recently that has really stayed with me. It said "if I asked you to write a list of all of the things that you love, how long would it take for you to write yourself".

I am often in situations (especially when I am home) where I don't really fit the mould of the norm. I don't drink, I don't like to dress up in heels, I don't like expensive clothes and shoes (or shoes in general), I don't eat, use or wear animal products, I don't wear makeup, I don't have hair, I am not married (or even close) and I don't have kids and I used to feel the pressure to be or do these types of things because it was expected of me. Yesterday at a good friend's wedding, after flying in that morning and getting only two hours of sleep on the plane I must admit that at first I felt really vulnerable. But it was LOVE that made me not only feel comfortable but allowed me to have an AMAZING day! Love from old friends, love for myself and that deep passionate love that I have for my life.

So maybe love really is all you need... In case you are feeling a lack of love in your life today, you should know that I love you. Yes, you!

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