kirsty's story

"Kirsty's big smile, knowledge and enthusiasm puts you in the place you wanna be and thought you could never enter."

Margo, Holland, former student in India

in the beginning

Before finding yoga, Kirsty struggled with anxiety. Her quest to find an effective alternative therapy to calm her mind led her to yoga and meditation, which not only allowed her to quell her anxiety but also to completely open her mind to the beauty, excitement, and opportunity of the world around her. Suddenly awake, Kirsty began to question everything that she knew about life and, for the first time, dared to experience it on her own terms. Kirsty realised that her actions affected not just her, but all of the world. That is when she committed to the life-long journey towards wholeness that, with the help of yoga, she continues today. To Kirsty, yoga is a path to self exploration, conscious awareness, and compassion.

... and then

Kirsty first completed a 200 hour Teacher Training in Classical Hatha at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Khajuraho, India. She returned home and started her first yoga business, Anjana Yoga, instantly; keen to start sharing everything she had learned. After eighteen months of teaching Kirsty decided to further her studies with a 200 Hour Teacher Training in Ashtanga VInyasa at Kranti Yoga in Goa, India in 2014. Since then Kirsty has studied in a variety of areas such as Anusara yoga, meditation, yoga for trauma, mental health and body image as well as yoga for cancer. 


In 2014, Kirsty left Australia to teach internationally and has been fortunate enough to teach in an ashram in India, a yoga shack in Indonesia, a jungle lodge in Costa Rica as well as surf camps in Spain and Portugal.

... and now

Kirsty returned home in 2018 and finally found the grounding that she didn't even know she was craving. You can find her teaching weekly classes in Wollongong, Australia as well as weekly wellness retreats at Billabong Retreat, Sydney. 

Kirsty does not believe that there is one "style" of asana (physical) practice that suits the many unique and ever-changing needs of each person. That is why she simply calls her style "yoga" and she teaches either an energising class of Dynamic Hatha or a juicy restorative and Yin class to slow down and reconnect. Kirsty’s classes are more than just asana: she weaves pranayama and meditation into each class while continually infusing her teaching with the traditional yogic philosophy she learns from her teachers both in India and Australia.

Kirsty is committed to facilitate teachings that are supportive to all people; regardless of their size, experience and age. She teaches in a trauma informed way, meaning that her classes are structured in a way that is intended to be sensitive to those dealing with mental health issues, trauma and other forms of distress.