Kirsty's new retreat venture.

A place for women to be seen, heard and valued.

about kirsty

Kirsty is a yoga / meditation teacher and transformational coach born and raised in coastal Australia although a chronic case of wanderlust means that she has spent a huge chunk of her adult life abroad, following her passion around the world,

Kirsty came to yoga through anxiety. Her practice taught her invaluable lessons about observing and befriending emotions, being more conscious and living a life of conscious activism and service. She travelled to India in 2013 to complete her first teacher training and has completed many trainings since then, exploring areas such as trauma and mental health and different styles of yoga and meditation practices.

When Kirsty returned home in 2018 she realised that she was craving stability, grounding and connection. She has since dedicated her time to growing roots and community. You can find her teaching weekly classes in Wollongong, Australia as well as weekly wellness retreats at Billabong Retreat, Sydney, women's circles and self development courses.

Kirsty is committed to facilitate teachings that are supportive to all people; regardless of their size, experience and age. She teaches in a trauma informed way, meaning that her classes are structured in a way that is intended to be sensitive to those dealing with mental health issues, trauma and other forms of distress. 




Kirsty teaches a weekly yoga class in Port Kembla.

Her classes capture the true essence of yoga through asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and concentration/meditation together with an exploration of philosophy.


Kirsty holds regular retreats both in Australia and overseas through her new women's retreat brand, We Are Alma.

We Are Alma offer a variety of retreats designed especially for women.


Kirsty is available to teach private lessons, either at a studio or at your home.

Privates are perfect if you have any injuries, if you are struggling to cope or if you just want to go deeper into your practice.

self development

Kirsty combines all of her passions, wisdom and experience in a six session immersion into the self, in an intimate and supportive group environment.

Topics include:

- vision and purpose

- meditation

- yoga for mental health

- connection and the mind

- developing a regular practice

Next course: TBC

personal coaching

Kirsty is a transformational coach, using her knowledge of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda mixed with personal development and coaching frameworks to provide 1 on 1 coaching for those who are sick of feeling stuck, want to improve their personal relationships and have a desire to thrive.

Coaching is generally done via video call so can be done from anywhere in the world.


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